Tazkira Afghan ID Card Translation

Tazkira Translation – Afghan ID Card ترجمه تذکره

We charge £40 for the translation of Tazkira

Tazkira – Afghan ID Card

Tazkira is the Identification document issued by the Directorate of Registration to every citizen of Afghanistan. One has to apply to their local registration office and after confirming their identity through a couple of witnesses the applicant is issued a Tazkira. We offer first class certified Tazkira translation at affordable rate


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Afghan ID Card Translation

One of the main reason Afghans and asylum seekers produce this document in the UK is to prove their identity and age. Yet ironically, the Tazkira fails to confirm the date of birth of the applicant as it does not clearly state the DOB. The authorities can’t be sure of the age of the applicant due to the damaged government institutions following a 40 year old war. The Directorate of Registration has just began in the last 2 years to clearly insert the date of birth of babies born after 2015 whose birth can be confirmed by the hospitals.

We can translate your Tazkira same day and produce a certified translation for your to give to your solicitor or any other organisation that requires it.

We are a team of 4 Pashto and Dari translators who are dedicated to offering a first rated service from our office in Birmingham, UK. Your documents can be translated same day and certified for presentation at the Home Office or other organisations

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