Top quality Pashto and Dari translation at competitive prices

PashtoDari Translation is a language service provider based in Birmingham, UK specialising in Pashto and Dari languages. We offer professional translation and interpreting services from and into Pashto and Dari languages. We constantly seek out challenging customers.
That is why the most demanding customers seek out and rely upon us.


Every translation agency claims to be the best, most reliable, most experienced and fastest-delivering company.  All translation agencies promote themselves as being able to offer a myriad of services.  However, rather than sell ourselves in this way, let us mention a few hard facts:

We are specialists in the English, Pashto and Dari languages.

We have in-house Pashto and Dari translators and interpreters and simple queries regarding your document can be answered free of charge in a friendly chat.

We have an excellent understanding of Afghan/ Pakistani and British cultures and employ both Pashto and Dari native speakers.

There is no any other agency who employs more translators/interpreters specialising in our language pair than ourselves.

Our translators/interpreters are experienced and members of professional associations such as the ITI and IoL..

We stand out from the crowd with our hard and strong work ethic.

Our prices are very competitive.

We have in house interpreters and translators.

Unlike any other agency we will always guarantee availability of interpreter.


When it comes to translation we don’t cut corners, every project gets our total attention. There is no too small or too big translation for us. We will carry out your translation on time and at the most competitive rate. That is our promise. I personally guarantee you the high quality of our English into Pashto Dari and vice versa translations.


We are in the best position to supply Pashto and Dari interpreters for any type of situation. Our interpreters are experienced and have attended the following venues on many occasions:
TV production companies for transcription, Social Service, PEP meeting, age assessment interview, Probation Office, Prison, Solicitor firm, Clinic, etc. Please email us for more information.


Transcription is the method of converting audio / video material into written text. The process involves transcribing the original content whether it is in Pashto or Dari and then translating that material into English in a proper easy to follow format. The kind of transcription requests we often receive are Police tapes and CDs, phone calls, war zones footages, etc secret service recordings.


We are able to provide a voiceover service should you require. Get in touch now.