Pashto Translations

Pashto (also rendered as Pakhto , Pushto , Pukhto , Pashtoe , Pashtu , Pushtu , Pathani or Pushtoo and also known as Afghan language) is spoken by Pashtuns living in Afghanistan and western Pakistan . It is spoken by nearly 50 million people in various countries.

Pashto is spoken by about 25 million people in the western provinces of North-West Frontier Province, Federally Administered Tribal Areas, and Balochistan of Pakistan and by over 15 million people in the south, east, west and a few northern provinces of Afghanistan. Pashto is the national and (along with Dari) one of the two official languages of Afghanistan.

We specialise in Pashto translations and regularly translate documents for solicitors, courts, Home Office, UK Naric and other organisations. We have a dedicated team of four professional translators who have collectedly translated over 5000 words from Pashto to English and vice versa. We offer Pashto document translation, Pashto interpreting, Pashto transcription, and Pashto voice over, etc. Our translators are highly qualified and have native understand of the Afghan language and culture.

Professional Pashto Translation services

Our range of Pashto language services include:

Document translation between Pashto and English; we can handle all types of documents from business contracts to legal judgements

Certified and notarised translation services; if you need a certified translation of your marriage certificate or other document for immigration purposes, PashtoDari Translations can provide a reliable and fast service

Pashto language interpreters in London and Birmingham or any other town of the UK

Urgent translations to and from Pashto

If you need Pashto translation service then contact us now by email and we will respond to you immediately.

پښتو ژباړه


پښتو زبه باندی افغانستان او پاکستان کی خلک خبری کوی. په افغانستان کی پښتو یو له رسمی زبو څخه ده او لیک یی په عربی تورو کیږی. په افغانستان کی ۱۵ ملیونه او په پاکستان کی ۲۵ ملیونه وګړی په پښتو خبری کوی.

مونږ په پښتو او دری زبو کی خاص مهارت لرو اوترجمانی په بهترینه طریقه او خه بیه تر سره کوو.

که د هر قسم اسنادو ژباړه په شمول د تذکره، نکاح نامه، طبی راپورونه ته مو اړتیا وی نو مونږ سره اړیکی ونیسی.