Member of the Iranian branch of the Indo-Iranian family of languages; it is, along with Pashto, one of the two official languages of Afghanistan. Dari is the Afghan dialect of Farsi (Persian). It is written in a modified Arabic alphabet, and it has many Arabic and Persian loanwords. The syntax of Dari does not differ from Farsi, but the stress accent is less prominent in Dari than in Farsi. To mark attribution, Dari uses the suffix -ra . The vowel system of Dari differs from that of Farsi, and Dari also has additional consonants.

About one-third of the population of Afghanistan, i.e. about 5,000,000 people (Tajik, Uzbek, Turkman, Hazarah), speak Dari. It is the primary language of the Tajik, Hazara, and ChaharAimak peoples.

Some Pashto terminology has permeated Dari particularly in the military and government sectors.


ترجمانی دری


دری یکی از زبانهای رسمی افغانستان میباشد و تقریباً ۵ ملیون مردم به دری گفتگو میکند. زبانشناسان اکثردری و فارسی را یک زبان به حساب میگیرد.


ما مهارت خاص را در زبان پشتو و دری داریم و میتوانیم اسناد تان به زودی و خدمت عالی ترجمه نمایم.